ARATIS experts ahead in FIDIC

The Aratis FIDIC experts cooperating with FIDIC professionals who thrive in cooperating closely and performing for the employers of projects with full focus on “best for project”.

We make each other excel in applying our vision, knowledge, strategies, experience and the knowledge of “how to build”. We are strongly motivated by the urge for improvements.

When to choose for FIDIC?

  • FIDIC has been developed for construction projects around the world. It does not matter if it is a small or big project, as long as there is an employer with a plan, money and even a design or permit.

  • The other ingredient is a Contractor who has offered his services to get the job done.

  • FIDIC allows more than 60 years of experience of engineers and lawyers.

“To work successfully with FIDIC in projects, everyone involved should start learning the FIDIC basic principles until a professional level of knowledge has been achieved.”

Take away and the results of working with FIDIC & Aratis

  • Experienced knowledge level helps your organisation to start with FIDIC.

  • Guarantee of a good start by FIDIC administration.

  • FIDIC knowledge management up to a master level and beyond

  • Possibility of FIDIC on the job learning through excellent consultancy.

  • Right allocation of risks between employer and contractor.

  • Contract management in control and learned on the job.

  • International contracting offers better control, learned on the job.

Most importantly:

It is all about knowing the FIDIC General Conditions and defining the right Particular Conditions on one hand, but most important is to know when and how to use them. Everyone involved – Contract Management, Project Controls and Line Management – needs to know their specific roles and responsabilities.

Ready to meet?

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